Professional custom and traditional bronze plaques.  
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Bronze Plaques

Finest art casting quality, competitive foundry pricing and quick turn-around time.

Custom and Traditional bronze plaques

American Bronze Foundry offers a full service of bronze plaques.
Offering unique as well as traditional bronze plaques including bass/portrait reliefs of any shape and size. Each bronze plaque is custom manufactured to your specifications. Plaques are cast in bronze. We offer various borders, backgrounds, and mounting methods. Any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Background Textures

All of our Cast Bronze Plaques are finished with a Texture on the surface of the metal. If no texture is specified with your order, "Leatherette" will be applied.


You may choose the type of border you would like. The most common border is: Single line border.


Each plaque is handed PATINA (color) and may vary. The above images are for representational purposes only.

Mounting Methods

Below is the description of each mounting method we offer. Also, the most common mounting method is: Boss and Stud.

Boss and Stud:
Bosses (extra pads) are cast onto the back of the plaque. These are drilled and tapped to accept a threaded stud. Flat-backed plates (generally, smaller sizes) are drilled & tapped for studs without bosses on the back.

Toggle Bolts:
Holes are drilled through the face of the plaque for toggle bolts. They are threaded machine screws 4" to 6" long with spring-loaded butterflies that fold up and pass though holes in the wall. Rosettes are optional.

Machine Screws and Expansion Sleeves:
Holes are drilled through the face of the plaque for machine screws. Each metal expansion sleeve (or lead anchor) has a threaded interior to house a machine screw.The lead anchor will expand when a screw is inserted and tightened. Rosettes are optional.

Wood Screws:
Holes are drilled through the plaque and countersunk to accept a flat head wood screw. Larger sized wood screws, #14 or #16, have the heads drilled and tapped to accept a rosette cover.

Invisible Frame: (Optional)
Angle clips fasten to plaque with machine screw and then toggle bolts, machine screws, or wood screws for wall mounting.




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