Fine Art foundry, bronze casting of Memorials, monuments, plaques, awards, bust, statues, public art and more.  
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Fine Art Foundry

About the Foundry, our mission and vision, and the bronze Art casting quality.

About American Bronze - The Fine Art Foundry

American Bronze Foundry buildingAmerican Bronze Foundry specializes in fine art bronze sculpture castings at it’s state of the art facility which is the largest of it’s kind in the Southeast. Our priorities are: High Quality, Competitive Pricing, and Quick Turn-around times. American Bronze Foundry produces museum quality castings by using top-of-the line materials such as Everdur bronze and a devotion to exquisite levels of detail. Quotes and bids are solidly based on precision project tracking for the most competitive prices in the industry. By placing importance on efficiency, project deadline dates are met due to our team of skilled artisans and diligent management.

Ancient and modern techniques are utilized within the foundry during the process to broaden the scope of projects  and the diversity of customers. Aside of the traditional mediums such as clay and wax, we have worked with other mediums to produce molds for in order to cast bronze sculptures such as: Wood, plastic, leather, even people. There is no limit to what we can create a mold from for a casting. In addition, we have in-house sculptors that can produce a sculpture from a photograph, illustration, sketch, 3D digital file formats, or an explained idea or concept.

American Bronze Foundry is also dedicated to creating and maintaining close customer relationships and promoting community awareness of the importance of art. A customers’ success is our success and is achieved through continued communication as well as an open door policy to ensure that each project is created to artist specifications. To promote art within culture, American Bronze Foundry puts some of it’s time and resources towards raising awareness of the importance of public art and keeping art in schools. American Bronze Foundry has worked directly with local, state, and international organizations to bring art to the public eyes of both young and old.


Our Mission at American Bronze

Is to continuously outfit a state-of-the-art foundry facility with knowledgeable, friendly and talented staff, that transforms our client's visions and inspirations into bronze art. We focus on creating high quality art and architectural designs for public and private collections by:

  • Utilizing the finest quality materials available
  • Employing the most talented artisans in the industry ensuring quality workmanship
  • Providing a stress-free environment in which the client can participate at the desired level
  • Properly performing everything under our control to deliver the artwork on or before the expected completion date. 


A Statement from our President


My name is Charles Wambold III, President, Founder, and Foundry Master of American Bronze Foundry which was formed by my wife Renee' and I in 1991. She made molds, wax castings, and handled the office while I did shell, casting, chasing, welding, patina, and delivery. We became very skilled at every aspect of the operation. Shortly after, we began acquiring staff and training each person step-by-step and grew to the largest foundry in the Southeast. We employ highly skilled artists who are some of the best in the country -- all having one common goal... to create beautiful sculptures. I will do everything possible to help my staff fully understand and fulfill your vision to present to the world.

Charles Wambold III 



We are always accepting applications and resumes for skilled artisans.

If you are an artist with multiple talents and/or skills such as welding, patination, or any of the other foundry departments we encourage you to submit your resume for us to keep on file in the event a position becomes available.


Please email or fax resumes to:
407-328-7010  fax




More information:


Custom Awards, Trophies, Plaques and gifts made in Bronze.

Custom Trophies and Awards is your source of unique corporate custom awards, incentives, trophies and plaques for your company or industry.


Foundry Services

  • Project Consultations
  • Concept & Design
  • In-House Sculpting
  • Enlargements & Reductions
  • Mold Making
  • Complete Casting
  • Cast and Blast
  • Fabrication
  • Patination
  • Custom Granite & Marble Bases
  • Conservation & Restoration
  • Crating & Drop-Shipments
  • Transportation & Installation

Why choose American Bronze?

  • High Quality
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Quick Turn-around
  • Accommodating Staff
  • Satisfied Customers
  • 3D Digital File processing
  • Clean & Spacious Facility
  • Professional Attitude
  • Personal Touch
  • Attention to Detail
  • Artist Workspace

Foundry Specialties

  • Fine Art Sculpture
  • Monuments
  • Memorials
  • Architectural Ornamentals
  • Commissions
  • Portrait Reliefs
  • Busts
  • Urns
  • Corporate & Public Art
  • Awards & Trophies
  • Plaques